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How can I become an Apollo Group TV reseller and how does it work?

IMPORTANT UPDATE. WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING RESELLERS AT ALL ANYMORE! We have no upfront payments! Sell first, pay later! Reseller program is O...

No upfront payment? Really? Nothing to pay?

Yes, very simple as that. While others ask you to pay upfront, we trust you, and give you the freedom to get clients and give them trial accounts to try. ...

what type of payments do we accept?

Payments can be made using credit cards and crypto coins with 20% discount for crypto.

What is levels and credits?

Every account has a limitation on the maximum amount that can be purchased. This type of balance is referred as credit. Once you get your account (leve...

Subscription not working and is showing a red thumb

I gave a client of mine a trial account and he decided to purchase a package, when I upgraded him to a subscriber and now his account isn’t working. I see ...

Mu users are complaining, what can I do?

WE REMIND YOU THAT YOU ARE THE ONE IN CHARGE OF GIVING SUPPORT TO YOUR CLIENTS. (no matter the branding) Our channels are not on our control, but be sure...

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