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How can I become an Apollo Group TV reseller and how does it work?

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We have no upfront payments! Sell first, pay later!

Reseller program is ONLY for those with an already established clientele of minimum 200 customers. 

New resellers are not accepted.

Unlike the majority of the other services out there that make you buy your credits before you start reselling, ApolloGroup starts you off with an allowance balance that allows you to collect your cash from your customers first and then pay off your balance to us after you’ve collected your cash.

After accumulating 80% of your total allowance balance simply submit us your payment and we will reset the allowance balance for you.

  • Set free trial accounts for your customers. We give you the ability to setup free trial accounts for your customers at no additional cost to you allowing your customers to try before they buy.
  •  Reseller prices are 15% discount off our regular retail website prices found at https://apollogrouptv.tv#pricing 
  • If you have over 500 active customers then please contact us on [email protected] so we can arrange a greater discount for you.
  • Easy to use interface. Our custom built reseller panel is super easy to use and allows you to setup trials and subscription accounts in just seconds.
  • Rebranding will soon be available.

Important! You must have a minimum of 200 customers already to apply for reseller. NO EXCEPTIONS! 

-Do not apply without the minimum 200 customers. 


-Applications without 200 customers will be ignored.

-Applications with missing required information will be deleted.

NOTE: If you do not receive a reply your application was not approved.

We will review your application and only if your application is approved we will get back to you with further details.

Thanks for choosing Apollo Group TV.

Don’t apply to reseller program without testing our service first. 

All resellers must know how to install all applications before applying and be able to provide all technical support to their customers. 

Take your time and get a free trial account first

Reseller program is ONLY for those with an already established clientele of minimum 200 customers. 

*New resellers will not be accepted, Don’t apply*

If you meet the above requirements fill out our form here

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